The Bureau of Gender Affairs currently offers the following services to the general public:

  • Conduct research on gender and related issues affecting the Dominican populace.
  • Lobbying Policy and Law Reform
  • Work hand in hand with Government  departments and NGOs which share the goals and commitments of the Bureau of Gender Affairs
  • Keep abreast of  regional and global events and changes as pertains to gender and gender related issues
  • Speak out against Domestic Violence Against Women
  • Provide Public Education and Gender Sensitization Sessions and Workshops
  • Mobilize and Empower Women and Men
  • Facilitate Skills Training initiatives
  • Counselling (women , men and families)
  • Provide support to communities and community organizations
  • Engage senior men and women in working and participating in community life
  • Disseminate information on gender to the public

Accessing the services

Making a Report and or Request for Assistance

A report of abuse, request for assistance or counselling can be made by the affected individual/ victim or any other concerned individual on behalf of the affected individual or victim.  Such a report can be made via telephone, email, mail or a visit to the Bureau’s office (the latter being the most effective method).  


Applying for the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund

In conjunction with the National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD), the Bureau of Gender Affairs offers financial support to potential and established small business entrepreneurs in the form of a Revolving Loan Fund.  To be a recipient of this aid, interested persons are to complete the requisite form, which can be found online or at the Bureau’s office, and submit it to the Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs.  The applicant will be contacted when a decision is made on his/her application.  

Obtaining data/ information from the Bureau

Due to the work undertaken by the Bureau of Gender Affairs, it is possible to obtain statistical data and information from the archives stored at the office.  To do so, the interested party should formally contact the Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs, either by phone or email, and request the information; stating the purpose for which the information is needed.  If the request is granted the individual will be informed of when the information will be available for pick up or to be emailed.  



The Gender Bureau representing the interest of women and men at the governmental level ensures that policies, plans and programmes are in place to achieve improvement in the status of women and men and carries out its mandate in collaboration with government and non-government organizations.


A more gender friendly society, which recognizes the differences and similarities between women and men, boys and girls,reflected in the acquisition of equal access to resources, opportunities and benefits for the realisation of the full potential of all citizens in national development based on the principles of equality, justice and peace.


The Bureau of Gender Affairs within the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs seeks to promote and advance the concerns of women and gender issues to assist women and men in realizing their full potential through the attainment of gender equity and equality.