Dissemination of Information on Situation of Women and Men in Dominica and Consultation towards the Development of a National Gender Policy

The Project allowed for the continuation of two research reports which had recently been compiled by the Bureau: Analysis of social indicators to assess the situation of women and men in Dominica; and a Draft Cumulative Report to assess Dominica’s Compliance to the Convention on All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) since its ratification in 1980. In addition these reports were also to be used in the development of a National Gender Policy which was in process. 

It was necessary therefore to reach out to various stakeholders across communities and across sectors to provide for necessary dialogue, sharing of information, allow for their input into these important documents and processes as well as to ensure their ownership/buy in.

The project therefore sought to hold a number of district meetings/consultations and discussions via the media to

  1. Disseminate information on the situation of women and men in Dominica as shown by the two reports
  2. Create public awareness about the development of the process of developing a gender policy
  3. Obtain feedback (gaps/needs concerns) that would further inform the development of a Gender Policy and the reporting process on CEDAW